Florence Boulmé, Ph. D


  • French biochemist living since 1998 in Vienna (Austria)
  • Ph. D in biological- and medical sciences (biology-health) from the university of Bordeaux (France)
  • Scientific degree in epidemiology from the university of Lyon (France)
  • Additional areas of expertise: infectious diseases and ethics
  • Fluent in three languages (French, English and German)


(CV on demand)

Fundamental research: 9 years in the fields of virology (HIV), haematology (erythropoiesis) and translation control

Data analysis: Responsible over 7 years of the processing, the statistical analysis and the presentation of the data of the 6th (2002-2006: “Life sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for Health“) and the 7th (2007-2013: “Health“ and “Security“) European Framework Programs

Medical & clinical management: 7 years of experience by major international pharmaceutical companies & a contract/clinical research organisation (CRO)

  • Positions: medical manager, senior clinical project manager and group leader
  • Therapeutic areas: oncology (lung cancer & glioblastoma) and aesthetic dermatology (reconstructive and anti-ageing medical applications)
  • Working practice with pharmaceutical drugs, as well as medical devices (class II & III)
  • Management of clinical investigations, as well as clinical development projects, in Europe, USA and China
  • Medical congresses; training and education support; organisation and coordination of meetings (advisory boards, investigator meetings and workshops); reviewing of marketing documentation; newsletters; preparation of clinical documentation for market access agencies in Europe and USA
  • Trained on current laws & regulations (GCP, ICH, AMG, MDD/MEDDEV/MDR, MPG…)
  • Familiar with scientific and medical journal guidelines (content, format and structure)

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